Koos van Bruggen

1914 - 1979
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Koos van Bruggen (1914 Diepenveen – 1979 Pieterburen) is quite the latebloomer. He studies medicine and works as a physician, like his father. In 1951, he meets Jan van der Zee during fishing trips, a shared hobby. Van der Zee starts educating Koos van Bruggen and his talent unfolds. Van der Bruggen’s work is heavily influenced by the bright and cheerful colours of the Ploeg-kunstenaars, as are his themes. Due to medical issues in 1968, he makes a career change and from then on only works as painter and artist. As an artist, Van Bruggen is multi-faceted and produces paintings, prints and sculptures. The religious theme returns frequently in his work. Nowadays, Koos van der Bruggen’s paintings and other art, can be found in many collections.