Johan Meijer

1885 - 1970
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Johan Meijer (1885-1970) was as a painter a member of the Larense School. After his education in Amsterdam, he was assistant to the landscape painter Arnold Mark Gorter. In 1912, Meijer settled down in Laren NH. During his study travels abroad, he visited Paris. This visit had a profound effect on him and he continued to paint in this neo-impressionistic manner upon his return. Meijer painted mostly en plein air, depicting trees and landscapes in all seasons and weather. He made a series of studies of the Gooiersgracht. His winterlandscapes are much-loved.

In his neo-impressionist style, he painted birch trees, knotted willows and blossoming trees. Mewijer was a member of artist society Arti et Amicitiae, and  St. Lucas. His work was shown during several exhibitions, among others during the overview Kunst van heden, held in 1939 in the Rijksmuseum.