Jan Wiegers

1893 - 1959
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Jan Wiegers was, in 1918, one of the founders of the Groninger Ploeg. Two years later, for health-related reasons, he left Groningen and went to the Swiss town of Davos. There he made his acquaintance with the German expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Upon his return to Groningen (1922), Jan Wiegers’ style was profoundly influenced by Kirchner’s work. He introduced this new, expressionist style to his fellow-Ploeg members. They too resorted to a more expressionist style of workig, using bolder colours. In the period after 1945, Jan Wiegers’ works became even stronger in colour and more free. Within the Ploeg, Jan Wiegers was considered to be the most prominent modernist as well as one of the most important expressionist painters in The Netherlands.