Jan Rijlaarsdam

1911 - 2007

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Jan Rijlaarsdam lived and worked in the Dutch villages of Nieuwkoop and Hilversum. Jan Rijlaarsdam he was a gifted artist who adopted many styles of painting. He is best known for his café-interiors, women portraits, the hustle and bustle of city life in a figurative-impressionist-manner. Rijlaarsdam loved to paint scenes from the city, unpolished and raw. In the 1950-ies, he visited Paris and this town was a unprecedented source of inspiration for him. He painted the beautiful, high-society crowds as they went out to the bars and night clubs, but he also saw the beauty in the fringes, depicting clochards and prostitutes.
Rijlaardam was decorated with a Royal Subsidy and was a member of artist societies such as St-Lucas in Amsterdam, and the Gooise Schilders Vereniging. Jan Rijlaarsdam frequently exhibited his works and i.a. Singer Museum Laren has paintings in collection.