Anthonie Pieter Schotel

1890 - 1958
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Anthonie Pieter Schotel was a descendant from the famous seascape-painter Johannes Christiaan Schotel. As a young boy, he dreamt of following his forefather’s footsteps. In 1901, A.P. Schotel got his first and only painting lessons. Anthonie Pieter Schotel painted many river and seascapes. He was a plein air artist by nature, he found working from his atelier ato be a bit stifling. He worked in Volendam for a while, and the Zuiderzee exercised an ongoing attraction on him. His colorite developed throughout his career; whereas in the beginning it was in somewhat muted greys, lateron, as though he’d woken, he added a good splash of colour. He also painted in pointillist manner. He was influenced by his travels to France, as well as by the Belgian painter Maurice Sijs (1880-1972), whom he met around the 1920-ies.